HMUN India 2019 is excited to bring to you a month of webinars on the ins and outs of Model UN, presented by our directors. Delegates may log-in to chat with directors live on topics ranging from parliamentary procedure to effective communication, from committee-specific tips to guidelines for effective leadership.

Information on how to access webinars has been sent out directly to Faculty Advisors who have registered and paid for conference. Webinars are only open to paid delegates.

  • June 29 6:30 PM IST: Effective Leadership & Different Leadership Styles

    • Director of the UN Human Rights Council - Grace Bannister

  • June 30 6:30 PM IST: Introduction to the General Assembly

    • Director of the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee - Angie Cui

  • July 3 10 PM IST: How to Cite Sources and Avoid Plagiarism

    • Director of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees - Emily Markowitz

  • July 5 4:30 PM IST: Introduction to Press Corps

    • Director of Press Corps - Gabrielle Schultz

  • July 6 9 AM IST: Effective Speech Giving & How to Structure an Argument

    • Director of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations - Larry Liang

  • July 8 8:00 PM IST: HMUN Rules of Procedure

    • Director of the Historical North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Davis Tyler-Dudley

  • July 13 6:30 PM IST: Communicating with the Dais Effectively

    • Director of the Legal Committee - Carolina Jimenez

  • July 17 9:00 PM IST: Introduction to ECOSOC

    • Director of the Commission on the Status of Women - Bushra Hamid

  • July 18 3:30 PM IST: Professionalism and Etiquette at HMUN

    • Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency- Ellen Li

  • July 18 5:30 PM IST: Debate v. Discussion: How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

    • Director of the UN Development Programme - Fatima Shahbaz

  • July 19 6:00 PM IST: Collaboration and Compromise in Blocs

    • Director of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee - Alec Fischthal

  • July 20 9 AM IST: Holistic Judging: Awards Criteria at HMUN India

    • Director of the Disarmament and International Security Committee - Michael Shafer

  • July 21 7 PM IST: Effective Research and Preparation for HMUN

    • Director of the International Monetary Fund - Graham Macklin

  • July 23 9 PM IST: What's Unique About HMUN India

    • Director of the World Health Organization - Selena Zhao