HMUN India is bringing back Resolve-Model UN, our hands-on leadership and Model UN development curriculum. This is an exciting opportunity for delegates to join a community of other talented students who share their enthusiasm for Model UN and foreign relations and learn from conference directors before meeting them in August. 

Resolve-Model UN is offered to a select number of HMUN India delegates who demonstrate their dedication to learning and their passion for improving the skills that matter most in Model UN and the world beyond.

Resolve-Model UN is a tailored leadership and Model UN-skill development program built by the Secretariat of Harvard Model United Nations India. In its third year, this program connects delegates with HMUN India directors, who provide mentorship in the months leading up to conference. Each director works with a group of delegates who will be asked to submit a series of assignments, some of which will require collaboration with other delegates in their group and others of which can be completed individually. To qualify for recognition at the closing ceremonies of HMUN India, delegates must complete all assignments and maintain strong communication with their assigned groups and directors. Directors will provide feedback at the end of each assignment to help each delegate learn from their work.

If you would like to learn more, please refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or email us at info@hmunindia.org

Applications for Resolve-Model UN 2019 are now open here!

 Frequently Asked Questions

When must applications be submitted?

Applications must be submitted by 1 May, 2019. EXTENDED UNTIL 8 May, 2019!

Who is eligible to apply to Resolve?

Resolve-Model UN is only open to applicants who have already registered for the conference through our online registration system.

How is Resolve different from the HMUN 101 webinar series during the summer?

The HMUN 101 webinar series is a set of live videos available to delegates before conference. These are recorded by the Harvard committee directors and may cover a broad range of topics including rules of procedure, public speaking skills and position papers, for example. This is a great overall introduction to Model UN, and delegates who participate in this will be sufficiently prepared for the conference this summer. More information regarding the webinar series will be released later. 

Resolve-Model UN is a more rigorous program intended to immerse delegates in actually applying many of the skills discussed in these webinars such as research, negotiation, and debate. As a Resolve-Model UN participant, you would be assigned a director responsible for offering you personalized advice in a stress-free learning environment. Through Resolve-Model UN, not only will you be even more prepared for the conference, but you will also have the chance to make lasting friendships and build skills for the world beyond MUN.

If delegates participate in Resolve, should they also participate in the HMUN 101 webinar series?

Resolve is intended to supplement the other resources available to delegates through HMUN India. Although Resolve-Model UN builds skills we think are important, we encourage delegates to use the webinar series to ensure they are comfortable with all aspects of conference including public speaking and rules of procedure.

What is the approximate time commitment for each assignment?

The time commitment per assignment will vary depending on the size of the group and the strengths of each delegate. However, the assignments will be designed to take no more than 2-3 hours over the course of each two-week period.

How are groups assigned?

The HMUN India staff will assign all group teams. We will strive to ensure that all groups have a broad range of experience levels and interests. These decisions are final, and may only be changed under extenuating circumstances. If you are currently participating in Resolve-Model UN and have questions regarding your group assignment, please email us at admin@hmunindia.org.

What are the due dates for assignments?

Due dates will be released soon for each assignment!

Where do I submit assignments?

Please email all assignments to your assigned director's email (see Committees tab for details) and admin@hmunindia.org.