Specialized Agencies

 The Specialized Agencies (SA) are home to some of the most creative and imaginative committees of HMUN India 2019. Traditionally, committees in the SA are smaller and more intense than those of the other organs. They require all delegates to respond quickly and decisively to crises, and allow each member of the committee to play a critical role in advancing his or her own interests, fashioning meaningful debate, and crafting peaceful and innovative solutions. The SA committees together span a wide range of topics, time periods, and regions of the globe.


United Nations Security Council

Director: Roshni Chakraborty ‘21

Committee Email: unsc@hmunindia.org

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Concentration: Social Studies

Favorite Place: The buffet line at an Indian wedding

Advice for Delegates: My Director at HMUN India is the reason I applied to the US for college and this other random boy I met at HMUN India is now one of my best friends at Harvard. You will meet incredible people here and this conference has the potential to change your life. Put yourself out there and good things will happen.

Committee Letter

Topic Description: The Sino-Indian Border Dispute


Historical North American Treaty Organization

Director: Davis Tyler-Dudley ‘21

Committee Email: hnato@hmunindia.org

Hometown: Indian Springs, Alabama

Concentration: Social Studies

Favorite Place: Prudence Island in Narragansett Bay

Advice for Delegates: I want the delegates in my committee to emphasize collaboration. The activity of Model UN is one that provides an opportunity not only to bring your own ideas and opinions to bear, but also to learn from those of others. I believe that delegates who work hard to cooperate and compromise with others will contribute to a better overall atmosphere in the committee room, and the skills that they will develop while doing so will carry over to so many important pursuits in the future.

Committee Letter

Topic Description: The End of the Cold War 1989-1991


Dravidar Kazhagam

Director: Anirudh Suresh ‘20

Committee Email: dravidar@hmunindia.org

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Concentration: Mathematics and Computer Science

Favorite Place: Dilijan, Armenia

Advice for Delegates: Have confidence in yourself! You may be unaware of the exact customs and decorum surrounding competitive Model UN, but if you can convince others (and yourself) that you know what you're doing, you'll quickly pick up the details along the way.

Committee Letter

Topic Description


Press Corps

Director: Gabrielle Schultz ‘21

Committee Email: presscorps@hmunindia.org

Hometown: Wolverine, Michigan

Concentration: Social Studies and Philosophy

Favorite Place: Drummond Island, MI

Advice for Delegates: Speak up! Your contributions are just as valuable as anyone else's, and the committee will benefit from your arguments.

Committee Letter

Topic Description