General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) traditionally contains the five largest committees at HMUN India 2019, and it is the place where each of the 193 member states and 2 observer states of the UN come together to discuss pressing issues that affect many countries across multiple continents. These issues range from disarmament and security to international law, health, and development. Debate in the GA is spirited, as delegates must balance their responsibilities to their respective nations, allies, and the committee as a whole. Delegates emerge from a GA committee with a thorough understanding of the promises and pitfalls of international diplomacy.


Disarmament and International Security Committee

Director: Michael Shafer ‘21

Committee Email: disec@hmunindia.org

Hometown: Athena, Oregon

Concentration: Government

Favorite Place: Washington, D.C.

Advice for Delegates: Work hard but don't forget to have fun! Always feel free to ask me a question if you are confused about anything at all. I'm sure that you will all do incredible and can't wait to meet you all at conference!

Committee Letter

Topic Description: Disrupting Terrorist Funding Networks


Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee

Director: Angie Cui ‘20

Committee Email: sochum@hmunindia.org

Hometown: New York City

Concentration: East Asian Studies & Government

Favorite Place: Prague, Czechia

Advice for Delegates: When approaching committee, think about how you can meaningfully influence debate and the ideas presented. Often, it’s not the loudest or most aggressive delegates that have the most impact throughout the weekend!

Committee Letter

Topic Description: The Rights of Stateless Individuals


Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Director: Alec Fischthal ‘21

Committee Email: specpol@hmunindia.org

Hometown: North Woodmere, New York

Concentration: History

Favorite Place: Sevilla, Spain

Advice for Delegates: I believe that Model UN should be an activity that first and foremost values diplomacy. Be confident in yourself and the ideas that you bring to the table, but ensure that you take the opportunity to learn from those around you. Teamwork, mutual respect and compromise are key values to keep in mind throughout conference and beyond.

Committee Letter

Topic Description: Uncontacted and Unmarked Cultures

Carolina Jimenez Headshot.jpg

Legal Committee

Director: Carolina Jimenez ‘21

Committee Email: legal@hmunindia.org

Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida

Concentration: Sociology

Favorite Place: Spanish River Beach, Florida

Advice for Delegates: My first time competing in Model UN was in college, so I understand how intimidating it can be to be a new delegate. However, I have learned two very important things. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Do not be afraid to raise your placard! It can be scary to be in a room with 50+ other people you do not know, but the only way you will improve your MUN skills is with practice! It is okay to make mistakes. All the directors and staff at HMUN India are there to help you along the way and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Committee Letter

Topic Description: Transitional Justice


World Health Organization

Director: Selena Zhao ‘20

Committee Email: who@hmunindia.org

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Concentration: Government

Favorite Place: Balcony overlooking the Seattle skyline, especially at night

Advice for Delegates: HMUN India is above all a learning experience! Go out on a limb, speak even if it’s terrifying, pitch your own creative solution even if it’s not super feasible. It’s important not to hold yourself to a standard of perfection, but of growth!

Committee Letter

Topic Description: Globalization & Public Health

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