Conference Forms 

Letter of Invitation from the Secretary General

 Conference Terms and Conditions: Describes information on eligibility for our conference. HMUN India has no prior arrangements and agreements with companies or organizations to be the sole provider of HMUN India country assignments within a country or district. Please direct any inquiries to

Guide to Registration

 Novotel Room Reservation Form

Conference schedule for HMUN India 2019: Coming soon!

 Dot Sheet for HMUN India 2019: Delegation sizes and positions for HMUN India 2019. Please consult this document to determine which countries are represented in each committee and the size of each delegation.

 Delegate Preparation Guide for HMUN India 2019

 Liability Waiver: Required for all Delegates, Faculty Advisors, Pages and Assistant Directors.

  • All delegates, Assistant Directors, and Faculty Advisers must upload a signed liability forms to MUNBase or email them to by August 2. These must be signed by a legal guardian for delegates under the age of 18. 

  • Delegates and Assistant Directors may not be allowed to participate if a form is not on file. Conference fees will not be refunded for missing waivers.

 Financial Aid Application

All delegates, Assistant Directors, and Faculty Advisers must pay their fees by no later than 22 July 2019.